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Evening dresses

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What distinguishes them?

It is essentially a formal dress, but generally it is characterized by greater rigor. This stems from the belief that the evening events have more formal nature.

If there is no expressly mentioned dress code, it is most often around the knee, with a simple silhouette and black as a color. You probably already recognize the characteristics of the little black dress which in most cases is the surest choice and a guarantee that you will be appropriately dressed when needed.

Also, you can reckon on blue, gray and white, fiery red, the combinations between them, on pastel and bright colors or prints. But you have to be very careful, the brighter the clothing is, the more clean and simple the silhouette should be. Frippery and blatant vision are inadmissible.

Individualization of models is achieved with laces, fringe, stones, embroidery, prints and drawings, combinations of different materials. It is permissible to skillfully combine tight fitting upper part with voluminous lower part, and vice versa.

How to choose the right toilette for you?

The successful choice is determined by:

good knowledge of your own figure and strong sense of proportion.

If you are chubbier, do not choose a close-fitting model or a very voluminous one. The first one will highlight each excessive kilogram, the other one will make you shapeless.

It is imperative that you conform the model to your age. At solemn events the mini-skirts are allowed to very young ladies. Women seeking to attain maturity and stability should not wear a miniskirt. Even they have an impeccable figure, it will not suit them.

You could afford lighter, casual and colorful clothing if the party is at home and only family members are gathered.

It is not necessary to dress up something new every time. The most important is what additions and accessories you will combine so that it looks different and stylish.

What are the advantages when ordering from Caramella Fashion?

In our online shop you will find original toilettes created with much devotion and imagination. Definitely everything you see here will present you worthily in any occasion – it is sufficient that you choose the exact size and style for yourself.

They are designed with love, tailored professionally and manufactured accurately. Fabrics and decorating materials have high quality and will keep their original form for a long time.

Although similar clothes are not bought every day, price is also very important. We try to maintain an acceptable level of prices ensuring excellent correlation with the quality you get.

Choose the most beautiful evening dress and order immediately!

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